1. ~~

  2. Visiting michelle at work! so pro~ #latergram

  3. Even when im 21 im underage #livingthelife >.>

  4. Happy birthday jjanee hwang~ you used all the cute photos of us… hehe have fuuuuun today *^^*

  5. One of my more eventful birthday week :) it hasnt been the three of us in a long while *^^*
    Thanks 짠니! See you in april~

  6. Dinner date at cpk :)

  7. Me: today didnt really feel like my birthday… I don’t know why
    The mother: we forgot to do a cake o.o
    Me: oh yea! I forgot, too lol
    The mother starts making a chocopie cake xD ♡♥♡ #happybirthdaytotheground

  8. Probably five breaks late but finally made it happen again. Paneraing~ thanks for coming all the way here to get me!

  9. Spent too much money today.. gg.

  10. Climbing in naperville~ happy you could stop by @homeofthehoney and climb with me ♥